Google To Start Displaying Knowledge Graph Carousel To Users Globally

Google’s Knowledge Graph has become a useful tool when you’re searching for things that interest you. There are a few reasons why it’s a handy feature, but most of all it provides context to what you’re searching for.

The best example I’ve found is that if I google “Eagles”, I want to tell Google if I’m looking for information about the band or the football team. In my case, it’s always the football team. Always.

Google says that this is also the best way to get your questions answered on the site, and you could perform a search for “cedar point rides”, and the entire list would show up in the carousel. Items in a Knowledge Graph list have been shown in an “carousel” that lets you spin through options, and up until now it’s only been available on

The company announced that this list will now be available globally, but still in English:

The feature was initially available in English on, and we’re now taking our first steps to make it available more widely around the world. Over the next couple days, we’ll begin showing the carousel for factual lists to our English users on all Google domains across the world.

Give it a whirl the next time you search on Google, nothing fancy needed…the search engine will automagically show you a list. Hopefully, the company starts adding results in other languages, so that everyone can get as much out of Knowledge Graph as possible. As with most Google rollouts, it might take you a few days to see this pop up on and the like.

[Image source: Flickr]