CineMoco Is The Time-Lapse Robotic Camera Dolly Of Your Film Noir Dreams

Making great panning time-lapse shots has long been the domain of auteurs like Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, and Uwe Boll. Now, however, you can use the CineMoco (coupled with the CineSkates) to take interesting panning shots using a motorized mini-dolly that can be programmed to whiz past a scene or take it nice and slow.

The Kickstarter project aims to make it easier to create cool panning shots for your video projects without setting up a huge camera rig or hiring assistants. You place your camera on the small dolly, set the motor to move it slowly past the scene, and either take multiple shots or one continuous video.

CineMoco makes robotic camera moves with a modular motor controlled wheel. CineMoco runs smoothly for video, shoots photos between moves for timelapse photography, and moves on command for stop motion animation. A built in 5 hour rechargeable battery, power cable, camera trigger cable and travel bags are all included.

The CineMoco works with all of the company’s affiliated hardware including a rail system for rolling your DSLR back and forth and the CineSkates themselves. You can check out all of the Cenetics projects here.

Now for the bad news: the CineMoco costs $620 during the pledge period, which, in the grand scheme of camera accessories, isn’t that much but it’s still pricey. But what price can you put on a beautiful time-lapse pan of a waterfall or a quick zoom across the room in your French New Wave remake of “Starship Troopers”? None. None more price.