ShoutEm Launches Development Platform To Make HTML5 Mobile Apps Look Native

When ShoutEm was first launched back in 2008, it was focused on helping users to build their own social networking platforms. Well, the world has changed, and since then, it’s transitioned the business as a platform that can be used to build mobile applications. But not everyone needs (or wants) a native app — so ShoutEm now has a way to easily create HTML5 apps that can be viewed in any mobile web browser.

With the ShoutEm HTML5 development platform, developers can quickly and easily make mobile web apps that have a lot of the same functionality as native mobile apps. Many businesses are developing native apps already, but for those who don’t have an iPhone or Android phone, using HTML5 will allow them to reach a large number of users on feature phones or other smartphone platforms.

Apps built with the platform will be able to mirror the look and user experience of native apps also built with the platform. Or, for those who wish to just build a standalone HTML5 app, they can do so as well. In either case, the platform enables a drag-and-drop process for creating apps.

Since being introduced in January, ShoutEm has signed up 23,000 users on the platform. About 20 percent of those are local tourism apps, with another 20 percent community-based social networking apps. But developers are building a wide range of other apps on the platform. For instance, there are sports team apps, band/fan apps, local and national business apps, local media and restaurant apps all being built with ShoutEm. Some clients include Gannett and USA Today, 50 Cent, and T-mobile.

ShoutEm is based in New York City, with a development team in Zagreb, Croatia. It has three tiers of pricing for apps: $19.90 a month for an HTML5 app; $59.90 for HTML5, iPhone, and Android mobile apps; and $119.90 for all those mobile apps, plus an iPad app.