Stky Aims To Save You From Yourself With Sticky Note-Inspired To-Do List

You know that long to-do list that you never get to? The emails that have been starred for months, but still haven’t been replied to? Stky can help save you from your insurmountable to-do list.

The app, built by CrunchFund EIR Dave Feldman, gives you a blank sticky note every morning, which you can fill from a “drawer” full of tasks and use to structure your day. The next morning, the sticky is wiped clean, and tasks that weren’t marked complete go back in the drawer.

“Most of us aren’t disciplined enough to maintain a to-do list effectively,” Feldman tells me. “Despite our best intentions it gets out of hand. One day we can’t face the 200 items in our “today” list. So we close the app, grab a sticky note, write five things on it, and slap it on our monitors.”

Feldman describes this battle between “current” and “future” self, as you often think you can accomplish more than you actually can in a short time period. He sees Stky as the first piece of a larger design principle for products that stand-in for self-discipline, rather than just giving users what they want in the short-term.

“As product designers, we try and enable people to do things; but sometimes they need us to prevent them from doing things because they don’t have the discipline to do it themselves,” he explains.

The “drawer” on the left shows all of your tasks, no matter how old they are, with the most recent at the top. The “sticky” on the right is wiped clean every day. So if I don’t perfect Gangam today, it’s back into the drawer with the other things I never get around to (like writing stories). I’ve obviously already procrastinated by tweeting today, so that’s checked off.

The app is currently only available for iOS, although Feldman says he is considering building an Android version. He says he is also set up to build web and desktop versions in the future that sync to a user’s phone if the app gains enough traction.