Kickstarter: The Clipy Is A Backpack For The iPod Nano

The Clipy aims to solve the timeless problem associated with the iPod nano: Where do you store your headphones? The nano is too small to wrap the cord around and most other accessories are simply something else to lose. But the Clipy is something a bit different. It snaps onto the back of the nano and provides a place to easily store Apple earbuds.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the creator hopes to sell the Clipy for $26. However, pre-orders can be placed on Kickstarter for just $20. The product comes in a variety of colors with more available at higher pledge levels.

The Clipy’s secret sauce seems to come in the form of a smart product design. There’s a spot for every part of the earbud. A little clip at the top not only holds the 3.5mm jack, but also serves as a little kickstand to prop up the Nano when placed on a table. Then, there’s even two holes for the earbuds themselves that will hold them in place while providing a bit of protection. To unwinding, simply hold the nano with two fingers, and pull the cord.

Sure, The Clipy adds a good amount of fat on the slender nano. But it’s also a good solution for those constantly untangling headphone cords.

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