Evernote Announces Evernote Business With Company-Wide Sharing And Phone Support

Evernote CEO Phil Libin just announced a new product aimed at small- and medium-sized companies (or small- and medium-sized teams within large enterprises) — appropriately, it’s called Evernote Business.

Libin describes Evernote as your “external brain”, and he says Evernote Business should serve as the external brain for your company. He says the product was built with four big principles in mind:

  1. Very easy on-boarding: Every employee’s Evernote Business account can be connected to a personal account, and those personal accounts are automatically upgraded to Evernote Premium. There will also be tools that help people auto-register and join their relevant business groups.
  2. Data ownership: Who owns the data created in Evernote Business? Libin says that the company settled on a “kindergarten playground solution — what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours.” So anything an employee stores in their private notebooks still belongs to them, while anything created in a shared company or team notebook belongs to the company. Apps that integrate with Evernote will be updated to reflect these new data ownership rules.
  3. Business sharing: You will be able to publish content to a directory that’s viewable by everyone in your company. Libin says this kind of sharing is “what makes your whole business smarter.”
  4. Dedicated support: For the first time, Evernote will be offering phone support, and each Business customer will have a dedicated “Customer Success Manager.”

Libin says Evernote will hold what is, for the company, an unusually long beta period for the business product. Interested companies can sign up for beta testing here, but general availability isn’t coming until December. The pricing will be $10 per user per month.

The announcement took place at Evernote’s second Trunk Conference in San Francisco. During his keynote speech, Libin also offered a contrast between where the company was during its first Trunk Conference a year ago and where it is now. He said that Evernote now has a workforce of 230, it has grown the number of API developers from 5,000 to 15,000, and the number of users has grown from 12 million to 38 million. (That even shows growth from the numbers Libin provided at LeWeb in June.) And he also announced a cool new product created with Moleskine, the Evernote Smart Notebook.