Personalize Your Jambox Starting August 28, Jawbone Insiders and Klout Users To Get One Week Head Start

Everyone’s favorite portable speaker is getting a facelift later this month.

Beginning August 28, Jawbone will let you customize the grill and caps to its popular JAMBOX on You can mix and match between 13 grill and 9 cap colors for over 100 color combinations. (Maybe I’ll order a white and orange one in honor of CrunchGear! Or whatever colors those are on CrunchBase.) Your designs can be previewed on the site or shared to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for others to see.

A week prior to launch, Jawbone insiders and Klout users will have an inside track from August 21 to the 27th to customize and order before the rest of the heathens.

Pricing remains the same at $199.99. Jawbone says the Big Jambox will not be privy to new colorways like its little brother.