4 Questions For Intel About The Open Cloud And The Changing World Of IT

Krishnan Subramanian and I will get the chance to hold a live interview today with Intel’s Das Kamhout where we will discuss the open cloud and how the company views the cloud in this changing world of IT. The discussion will begin at 1 p.m PST on YouTube. Kamhout is a principal engineer in Intel IT responsible for the architecture, strategy and execution of the Intel IT Cloud strategy.

The topic is a timely one as we get ready for VMworldVMware’s mega annual event. VMware has come to dominate the enterprise with its virtualization technology and is betting on a private and hybrid cloud strategy.

But no one company has come out in the lead in the cloud market. VMworld faces Amazon Web Services (AWS); Citrix via the now open source Cloudstack; OpenStack and a host of companies such as ManageIQ that are specializing in developing environments specifically tuned for enterprises to abstract the complexity of running cloud services over multiple platforms.

With this context in mind, what is Intel seeing as the big shift in its own IT infrastructure? The company recently adopted Cloud Foundry, VMware’s very successful open source  platform as a service (PaaS). How does the Cloud Foundry integration play into an open cloud strategy for Intel? What does that mean for how Intel thinks about its IT landscape?

Here are questions that touch on themes we look to address:

  • What does Intel’s IT infrastructure look like?
  • What is Intel’s view about open source, federated clouds?
  • How does Intel view the trends in homogenous v. heterogeneous IT and cloud environments?
  • How does Intel see managing its IT environment going forward?

With VMware fast approaching, I look forward to getting some insights from Das about Intel’s infrastructure and how the company is changing as more platforms become available. Is the open cloud the future? And if so, what does that mean?

I hope you can join us.

Update: The event is over. Here is the recording: