WWE Launches Mobile Apps For On-Demand Video And Second-Screen Viewing

Ok, so I know this is cheesy, but I spent my childhood watching wrestling with my grandfather. He was obsessed! One of those dudes who would watch every pay-per-view special, on the edge of his seat all the while. I watched Hulk Hogan go from being a good guy to a bad guy and back again so many times I’m still not sure if he was actually a real American or just a commie traitor. Then things got weird with stuff like The Undertaker and I stopped paying attention, because even in my adolescent state, I kind of realized it was a little campy and fake.

Well, the WWE is still going strong, and it’s been taking advantage of social media and online video to keep its audience engaged. Its latest tech effort is the release of new iOS and Android apps, which will give fans on-the-go access to videos and other content they might have missed, while also providing second-screen companion experiences.

While WWE has played around with different apps in the past, including its Summerslam and WWE Supserstar Slingshot apps (think John Cena meets Angry Birds), it’s never really had a flagship app — one which gives fans a one-stop-shop and encompasses all the entertainment WWE has to offer. But now that’s all changing, with an app that’s available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Fans will get access to exclusive videos and other multimedia content, and the app will also offer access to social media streams of all their favorite stars. Users will also be able to buy merch and tickets to local events through the app, while also connecting with other local fans. The app also has a live component, letting fans take part in live polls and other content while Monday Night Raw and other live events are going on.

For the WWE, the launch of the new apps are just an extension of its existing social media strategy, as it seeks to engage with fans on multiple platforms. Between its official Facebook and Twitter accounts and those of its talent, it has more than 100 million followers on the social networks. It’s also pushing original content to YouTube, as part of the company’s original programming initiative. The result has been more of a one-to-one relationship between its stars and their fans.