Come August 23, AT&T Customers Can Finally Get On A Shared Data Plan

AT&T went into plenty of detail about its new shared data plans late last month, and at last there’s a launch date to go along with them.

Starting on August 23 AT&T customers can jump on one of the carrier’s so-called Mobile Share plans if they want their smartphones, tablets, and other miscellaneous wireless gadgets to coexist in carrier-sanctioned peace.

Granted, AT&T isn’t the first to take the plunge into the wild and woolly realm of shared data — Verizon made the transition back in June. Here’s a quick visual breakdown of how AT&T’s offerings stack up to Verizon’s largely-similar ones, in case the particulars elude you at the moment:

Of course, one of the upshots for AT&T’s approach to data is what it means for the rest of its plans — not a thing (for now, anyway). Customers who still have their unlimited data plans are welcome to stay there, as are those who feel they’re better served by their existing tiered rate plans. So far, it seems AT&T is looking to keep things that way — these shared data plans help round out AT&T’s plan selection while carriers like Verizon sought to change things up. For better for worse, new Verizon customers can’t choose anything but a shared data plan when it comes time to sign that contract, though only time will tell which of these approaches will work best in the long run.