Apple Touts Success Of Its Land Rover iAd Campaign In New Video

Apple is famous for its slick ads highlighting its latest gadgets (though it does have occasional misfires). Now the company has released its first iAd customer video, essentially selling its mobile advertising program to brands and advertisers.

Since its launch, much of the publicity around iAd has been mixed or negative, with reports that pricing continues to fall and articles wondering “why Apple’s iAd is failing to lure advertisers.” So this video is a good way to remind people, “Hey, we’ve got some satisfied customers too!”

In this case, the advertiser is Land Rover, which ran an iAd campaign to promote its new Range Rover Evoque. The video features talking heads from Land Rover and its partners as they praise Apple (while also sneaking in some plugs for the Evoque). For example, Land Rover America’s communications director Ken Bracht points to the Design section of the ad, where you can customize the appearance of the Evoque to your liking, and the Luxury section, which allows you to explore a 3D model of the vehicle’s interior.

“I think there is a difference between someone sitting on their couch, absorbing that 30-second television ad, and someone perhaps sitting on that couch but actually engaged in their iPhone and their iPad,” Brecht says. “You’re involved in that experience.”

The ads supposedly saw an impressive engagement time of 80 seconds on average. They were also nominated for a Cannes Lions award.