Ask Me Anything, Answer Nothing: Kevin Rose’s AMA On Reddit

Kevin Rose began an AMA on Reddit on Tuesday evening and so far has answered zero questions. To be fair, he said ask me anything. He didn’t promise answers.

Users have posted questions like, “What is your biggest regret with Digg?”

Some have become displeased, asking, “Are you going to answer any of these questions?” and “Do you understand how AMAs work?” and writing “Worst. AMA. Ever.”

Others defended Rose, urging their fellow Redditors to “give him time. A lot of people don’t realise how fast these shindigs take off, and expect to come in a couple of hours later.”

Of course, there were jabs at Rose, like “Maybe this AMA is meant to die before it’s time like Digg did.”

Rose tweeted about his AMA at 7:04 PM, but two hours later told his followers that he was on Alcatraz Island. It’s possible he forgot about the AMA, ignored it, or is just waiting for the best questions to be voted up before answering.

Update: Rose tells me he “was waiting for them to get voted up and then had a birthday party to attend, I’ll get to them later today!” So, while the first day’s questions won’t have the typical live Q&A feeling to them, there should be some interesting dialogue between Rose and Redditers later today.