The Redesigned Dodocase Is Stronger, Better Suited For The New iPad

The Doodcase has long been one of TechCrunch’s favorite iPad cases. However, the case’s secret sauce, a handmade bamboo frame, is infamous for cracking on the corners. It’s a common complaint. Dodocase was clearly listening and just released a redesigned case with stronger corners and new features that includes a slightly deeper design to better fit the new iPad.

Dodocase claims this design will allow the new case to withstand a drop onto the corner from about 2.5 feet. The redesign employs a reinforced miter joint (top in the images) rather than a finger joint (bottom in the images) in the original design. This construction is better suited for use with bamboo, which can easily split down the culm’s fibers when thinly cut. But now, with the new construction, the Dodocase’s corners should not crack or splinter nearly as easily.

The redesigned case also brings more noticable changes. There’s now a hole in the back for the iPad’s camera. A little wooden faux button up top to engage the iPad’s lock button when pressed. Finally, the new case is a touch thicker, allowing it to better hold the thicker new iPad.

The new case is available starting today. I’ve used one for the last week and can confirm the case is much improved and maintains its trademark charm. I love this case.