Flurry Acquires Startup Trestle To Power AppCloud, Its New Mobile Backend Service

Flurry just announced that it’s getting into the mobile app infrastructure business with a new service called Flurry AppCloud.

To make that happen, the company acquired a mobile startup called Trestle. The terms of the deal aren’t being disclosed, but Flurry’s vice president of marketing Peter Farago says “all Trestle employees happily stayed on and form the core team driving Flurry AppCloud forward.”

Why acquire this company in particular? Farago says it’s because, like Flurry itself, the Trestle team started out as app developers. He also pointed to the engineering talent and platform, and he says their views on the market are sympatico: “We believe that data driven applications built on cloud infrastructure are the future. … Companies that don’t think about the possibility of scaling aren’t approaching the explosive mobile app market the right way.”

For the past two months, Flurry has been working to transform Trestle into AppCloud, which is supposed to take much of the backend services for mobile apps, including user account management, scalable cloud storage, and push notifications. AppCloud is also integrated with Flurry’s Analytics, which means, for example, that companies can now track whether their push notifications are driving desired behaviors like in-app purchases.

Farago says the Trestle platform has been migrated to Flurry’s infrastructure, so that AppCloud can “support any sized app audience to enormous scale.”

AppCloud is currently in beta testing for iOS and Android apps. Flurry plans to make it generally available later this summer. In recent months, the company has been expanding in other ways, including ad analytics and mobile game publishing.

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