Tintri Raises $25 Million For Storage Designed To Improve Virtual Machine Environments

Tintri has raised a new $25 million round of funding for its storage appliances designed for virtual environments. The round was led by Menlo Ventures and joined by existing investors NEA and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Tintri has now raised more than $60 million since its launch in March of last year.

Virtualization comes with a host of issues. Companies face considerable complexities in keeping apps running at high performance. But as the virtual machines on the servers take on more load, the apps slow down. More storage is often added to ease the problem. Storage then becomes a critical factor for performance but at a considerable cost. The disk drives on traditional storage can be slow. Bottlenecks form in the I/O.

Tintri is recognized for its ability to manage the storage environments that are so important in virtualized environments. It is one of the next generation flash storage providers that are putting pressure on traditional giants such as EMC and NetApp. Its secret sauce is in its de-duplication, compression and flash technology. The appliances can have a terabyte of flash which makes for super fast capabilities that traditional storage can not provide.

We are too often reminded that we are entering the age of big data. But what about big storage? It may seem boring but the market is alive with activity. Every enterprise in the world is wrestling with the storage issue. Companies like Tintri are positioned to make major inroads to companies that want better performance, less cost and smaller footprint that comes with traditional storage options.