Apple Taps Martin Scorsese And His Eyebrows For The Latest Siri Commercial

The latest Siri commercial just hit, and like recent ad spots, Apple turned to a celebrity to endorse the lackluster iOS feature. And, also like the other commercials, the dialog between Siri and the user seems a bit more simple, almost mundane, in comparisons to the early Siri commercials.

The first several Siri spots were filled with pie-in-the-sky optimism. They were very dreamy and nearly promised that Siri would change the world. But then people started using it and quickly discovered that Siri fell short of expectation.

A recent study found Siri to be horribly inaccurate. What’s worse, at least for Apple, users are finding that Google Now absolutely tramples Siri in both accuracy and features. Never mind what Scorsese says at the end of this commercial, even with the upgrades coming with iOS 6, Siri is not going places.