How To Apply For All Those Accelerator Programs? Is Here To Help

With the mushrooming in the number of accelerator programs offered globally, there’s become a rash of ‘last chance to apply’ emails hitting our in-box of late. To be frank, we could spend a lot of time on these, but I’m sure readers would prefer some real news in their feeds. Thus, to the rescue has come, a kind of social network for founders and startups to keep track of these programs.

The real advantage is that you can apply from directly in the site for many of the programs. Thus, you’ll find Springboard, Seedcamp and Ignite 100 in the UK for instance.

Sean Kane is among those who spun the idea up and, along with friends and contacts, helped to build the platform out. Although he’s loath to act as spokesperson for the ‘community’ he says the site now lists around 400+ incubator and accelerator programs, as well as almost 200 offers for startups from software companies, that can be worth thousands of dollars, such as $24,000 of hosting free from Rackspace for startups.

“The tools aspect makes people lives a lot easier tracking all these. Its seems to be delivering good value and there’s a pretty big community now,” he tells me.

It does appear to be pretty useful and – to be frank – if TechCrunch writers don’t have to spend their days writing about closing dates for accelerator program then frankly we think that’s a “good thing.”