Hootsuite Opens Up Google+ Page Integration To All Users

Hootsuite, the popular social media management interface, can now offer Google+ Pages access to all of Hootsuite’s nearly 5 million users. Since November, when Google allowed Hootsuite to offer Pages on its site, Hootsuite has been limited to only 200 pages. Google lifted that cap today.

However, it still cannot offer Google+ Profile support due to Google restrictions.

Hootsuite, which has high-profile users like the NCAA and McDonald’s, provides users with a centralized dashboard to coordinate their social media strategy. Facebook, Twitter and others have opened their API more fully to Hootsuite (and others).

Hootsuite VP of Business Development Greg Gunn tells me requests for Pages support far exceeded their allotted 200, even when they restricted it to just their enterprise users. They worked to support Google+ Pages for clients, from Anderson Cooper to Mashable, who’s primary need was Google+.

“It was painful because obviously we have a lot of users that wanted to use this,” Gunn says of the restriction to 200 users. “But it was good tension because it showed a lot of desire to interact between businesses and consumers.”

Gunn added that after launching a number of partnerships this year, they have “premium complementary software companies coming down the pipeline in the next two weeks as well as exciting new types of plug-ins launching at the beginning of August.”