Confirmed: Google Has Begun Shipping All Those Pre-Ordered Nexus 7s

Over the past day or so, a few lucky souls have managed to get their hands on Google’s much-anticipated Nexus 7 tablet, leaving the rest of us to wonder when our time would come. As it turns out, the answer is very soon.

After their Nexus support phone line tipped users off earlier today, Google has finally come right out and said it — the company has begun shipping those wallet-friendly tablets to all those who pre-ordered from them.

Truth be told, some people may not be as excited about the announcement as others. A handful of retailers (Gamestop, Office Depot, Staples, and the like) have already received their Nexus 7 shipments in-store, which means that customers who pre-ordered from them are just a quick drive away from getting a taste of Jelly Bean. In fact, according to Droid-Life, at least one person was able to waltz into one of these stores to purchase a Nexus 7 without having pre-ordered.

Meanwhile, people who pre-ordered directly from Google right after the device was announced at I/O have a bit longer to wait before they too can join in on the fun. It may seem like a minor thing to get worked up over, but don’t underestimate the sort of sway that a virulent strain of gadget lust can have on people. That the device in question is a Nexus tablet doesn’t help things — Nexus devices have always had a particularly lofty reputation among most Android fans, and now that distinction is being carried to a few new (and in the case of the Nexus Q, peculiar) product classes.

In any case, the wait for you Google gurus is almost over. All there is to do now is take a deep breath, settle into your favorite chair, snack on some jelly beans, and wait for the inevitable to happen.