The Oatmeal’s Legal Battle Ends (I Hope) With A Giant Bag of Money

Okay, there isn’t much news here, but this is too fun not to post.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need a lot of recapping of the legal dispute between cartoonist Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, and Charles Carreon, attorney for FunnyJunk. (In fact, the first commenter on my last post about the story had clearly been following things more closely than I had, and caught a mistake). So you may remember that wayyyy back at the beginning of this story, when Carreon first threatened to sue Inman if he didn’t pay $20,000 in damages and remove any reference to FunnyJunk from his site, Inman said he was going to raise $20,000 for charity instead, then send Carreon a photo of the money, along with a cartoon supposedly depicting Carreon’s mother having sex with a bear.

Well, there were some ensuing legal shenanigans, with Carreon trying to hold up the transfer of funds from Indiegogo (where the money was raised) to Inman, but he dropped that lawsuit last week and declared, “Mission accomplished.” Now Inman has his money (a whopping $211,000 withdrawn from the bank in a duffel bag), and judging by the photographic evidence, he is indeed sending the cartoon and photo to Carreon in a nice care package. There are more photos on Inman’s blog.

And with that, hopefully, this weird dispute is over.