Rumor: Twitter To Acquire Sense Networks To Better Target Local Ads

A good source tells me that Twitter is set to make its sixth acquisition of 2012 with NY-based Sense Networks. Terms of the deal are still under wraps but it is expected to go through this month.

Twitter declined to comment.

Sense Networks was founded in 2003 and in 2006 launched MacroSense, which the company says “turns massive amounts of mobile location data into actionable, predictive behavioral data.” What that means is Sense not only collects location data from mobile devices when shared but also takes that data and creates a unique behavioral user profile to serve ads that users would find useful.

In other words, Twitter may soon have a way to really monetize its targeted local ads. And users will finally get relevant local ads.

The below video is simply called “location data simulation” with no other descriptive info attached but appears to be a visual representation of what the company does for the layman.