Hands-On With Sergey Brin’s Personal Set Of Google Glass

Outside of approved Googlers, a handful of folks have just been given a canned demo of Google Glass, including myself. I’m living in the future and the future is now!

While brief, I demoed Sergey’s own personal set of Glass. They’re extremely lightweight and worked over my existing pair of eyeglasses. In its current iteration, the battery pack is situated on the right side and counterbalances the circuitry and camera hub, so it feels pretty weightless.

The demo itself was fed through the one lens on the right side of some fireworks and audio with the latter only coming in through the right side. Per Sergey’s suggestion I cupped my right ear to really hear the audio. Panning your head around offers up an AR experience. Video quality was fairly poor but, again, these are prototypes and Sergey admitted the demo is old.

Notifications are currently served up to Glass wearers via a “ding” that prompts the user to tilt his or her head up to read the actual message.

I’ll have a bit more on Glass later today but here’s a higher-res photo with another pair of Glasses.

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