Zynga Plans Game Launches, Shares A Minute Of Vanity Metrics First: 64k Words, 140k Total Turns, Etc.

We’re here at Zynga‘s big press event today at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Mark Pincus is on stage, sharing a few new stats about the company — with more news to come about game launches, he says.

But first, this post about the stats. He’s not sharing daily active user numbers (which are at 53.3 million today, according to AppData), ARPU, ARPPU or other industry measures.

He’s sharing average types of activity across Zynga’s games in the last minute worldwide — vanity metrics, meant to illustrate Zynga’s overall size.

  • 64,000 words from Words With Friends
  • 43,ooo pictures in Draw Something
  • 38,000 hands of poker in Texas Hold’Em
  • 250,000 gifts from friends across games
  • 140,000 total turns
  • 5,700 real-time chats.

Stay tuned for more coverage shortly.