Facebook, Google, And Other Tech Companies Show Off Their Gay Pride (Pics)

Pride got high tech this weekend as thousands of employees from Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Zynga, and more celebrated to support equal rights for everyone. Parades in San Francisco and New York saw search engine, social network, and game developer logos decked out in rainbows as engineers danced in the streets.

Here’s a look at our favorite photos of tech companies representing at Pride…

Google tells me “We support our LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender] employees in a number of ways — in taking a stand on matters of policy, putting programs in place that support Gayglers (Gay Googlers) and their families, and hosting and sponsoring events and programs around the world to continue the discussion on equality.”

Over 400 Facebook employees marched down Market Street in San Francisco for Pride yesterday. I wondered if Facebook feared any backlash from conservative countries where it’s popular but tolerance is not. Slater Tow, a member of the Gay @ Facebook employees group assured me “Facebook very much supports diversity” but that its presence at Pride is “not a company led initiative. Its 100% employee driven.”

Both companies have been showing their support online too. Last year Facebook added civil unions and domestic partnerships as relationship status options, and the company won a GLAAD award this month. And just last week, Google added a Pride Easter egg to search, displaying a rainbow banner on results when you search for Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, NYC Gay Pride, or SF Gay Pride, or Gay Pride.

So now let’s check out the awesome photos. If your tech company has pics from Pride too, post them as Imgur links in the comments and I’ll add them in.

You didn’t have to search hard to find Google at Pride. It had almost 700 marchers in New York City and over 1,000 in San Francisco

With such a huge contingent, Google figured it’d bring a bus

…and a trolley in SF

Whose to say what gender the cute little Android robots are?

Zynga shows how Words With Friends does Pride

Zynga’s dog logo gets rainbowed

All the Electronics Arts characters supporting gay rights

EA is a sports game company after all

Facebook brought a huge crew to San Francisco Pride

That looks like about 900 million, right?

Facebook decked out its team with special Pride shirts

And they weren’t shy about showing their colors

It is a social network after all, so Facebook had a DJ playing to the crowd as its trolley car drove through the parade

Because pride connects us

From atop SF’s Dolores Park, Facebook shows its support

That means equality even if you’re dressed up like Katy Perry

And even Facebook’s office got into the spirit, with its giant hack sign painted rainbow to show pride visible from space

[Thanks to Jason Agron, Chandler Abraham, and all the other photographers]