Stitcher Adds “Smart Station” To Help Listeners Discover Podcasts

Podcast aggregator Stitcher has just added Stitcher Smart Station to their updated mobile app, effectively creating a recommendation engine for podcasts. The service scans 10,000 shows for content, style, and other factors and recommends podcasts that are similar to podcasts you already enjoy. On average, new users will discover five new podcasts they like in the first month.

The service works based on current customer preferences and connects podcasts that listeners often subscribe to together. For example, if you’re a big Car Talk and Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me fan, the app will give more relevance to podcasts in a similar vein like On The Media or Metalcast, the heavy metal podcast.

The app is available for iOS and Android. The app also includes a new Sleep mode to shut off the audio as you nod off and increased Twitter integration.

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