The Singularity Is Near: NYU Student Builds A Robot That Builds Burritos

Hey, Internet. Come over here. You sitting down? Cool.

So anyway, there’s this thing I need to tell you about. No no. Over here. This tab. Stay right here.

So this guy at NYU made something special. Are you listening? Put down your phone. Listen. So they made a machine that prints… no, don’t check Twitter. They made a machine that prints burritos.

It’s called BurritoB0t.

I know, right?

Seriously. Slow down with the porn for a second. This is important.

The system will let you use your iPhone to order different condiments and toppings. Sliders control the amount of salsa, guac, and crema. It uses a Thing-o-matic and is currently in beta form, so don’t expect it to make you a burrito anytime soon.

Its creator, Marko Manriquez, is a student at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and this is part of his Master’s Thesis. Remember back when you wrote your thesis? About politics or some junk? Yeah, you should have picked the “build a freaking burrito robot” major. You wouldn’t be an accountant right now.

Anyway, I just thought you should know. What? You’re still bored? Fine. Here’s this. Last time I try to show you something fun.

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