Kanvess.com Will Print Your Artsy Instagram Photos For 25 Cents A Pop

Did you take a brooding Instagram photograph of a bike in a rain puddle and want to share it with your grandma? Well either tell grandma to pull up a chair and put on her reading glasses or head over to Kanvess.com where a dream and a quarter will get you a printed copy of your favorite photo.

The site is brand new and was founded by husband and wife team Sean and Sara Alsobrooks, late of Knoxville. The site is pretty basic: you sign in through Instagram, pick some pics, and print. The Alsobrooks will get your order together and send it along. If you print 100 photos you get free shipping.

The photos print on 3×3-inch photo paper, just the right size for sharing or pasting to your nude body during a college performance art piece featuring images of shadows that look like the facial profiles of reality TV stars (true story!). The minimum order is six prints.

“We have no outside funding,” said Sean. “We’re just starting to get the word out to our friends online. We already have several orders in just a few hours.”

The vision was pretty darn basic. Sean wrote that “we started working on this several months ago after trying to find a place to print our own Instagram photos. We could not find a reputable place that was affordable or that printed simple square prints.”

“We love Instagram. We love the filters. It makes our photos amazing. But it feels like our photos get “stuck” in Instagram. It’s hard to print them and get physical copies. We wanted a simple, affordable way to solve this.”