The Apple Store Is Back Up, With New MacBook Pro, Air In Tow

It was a big day for Apple at the WWDC, as Apple announced iOS 6, a new MacBook Pro, cross-platform iMessage, its Google Maps competitor, oh, and a whole host of Siri updates that are seeing the iPhone’s virtual assistant slip into a little more functionality. She now speaks 60 languages, lives on the iPad, in your car, and probably soon in your will.

You may not have noticed it, because it’s always going down, but this morning Apple’s Store was again down and out in preparation for WWDC. But the store has just gone back up, and it has most of the new products in tow. The new $2,200 MackBook Pro with retina display has arrived on the store, while the 17-inch Pro of yore, has quietly been given the axe.

As to the new MacBook Pro, as Matt outlined earlier today, the new laptop comes with quad-core Intel Core i7, and even so, Apple promises “fantastic battery life.” The screen is 15.4-inches with a 220 ppi at 2800 x 1800, making it the first retina displaying notebook. And, hey, it apparently reduces glare and reflection by 75 percent. Which is great, because I have to look at my face while I type this on the previous generation. And no one wants that.

“Everything inside has been reinvented,” Shiller said at WWDC. Surprised he didn’t add “again” after that bit.

The Apple Store going back up also brings the new MacBook Air that now have 3.2-GHz Intel Core i5 processors with 512GB of SSD storage and 500MBps read speeds. The new Airs also use Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture, and come in 11- and 13-inch sizes, starting at $999 for the 11-inch. Air here.

And, last but not least, there’s a new Mac Pro and a rear-covering iPad smart case.