Big Data Analytics Startup Datameer Brings Hadoop To The Desktop

Datameer was founded in 2009 to help businesses run analytics against large data sets with no programming required. With its latest release, Datameer is introducing two new versions of its data analytics software that can be run on the desktop or on an enterprise’s own server.

The Enterprise version of its product is based on Apache Hadoop, and would work with any Hadoop distributor, whether it be Cloudera, Hortonworks, EMC, or anyone else. With Version 2.0, users of the enterprise client will still have that capability. But in addition to that, Datameer is rolling out two new versions of its software: a personal edition, which can run on the desktop, as well as a workgroup edition, which can run on a single server.

Yes, Hadoop on a desktop. All you have to do is download the Datameer software and install it, and Hadoop will be running natively on your machine.

In addition to introducing multiple editions, Datameer has also added some improvements to its data visualization features. It’s added a Business Infographic Designer so that users can build vector-based graphics directly within the application. Doing so also means that graphics can be dynamically updated, so there’s no worry about rebuilding infographics in outside applications whenever new data is added.

The app has also gotten a major user interface upgrade, moving from Flash to HTML5. That means that the application is available on a wider range of devices, including the iPad and other mobile devices that didn’t have Flash support. The software can also be used across multiple PC operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software also increased the number of data sources it supports, including some social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as Netezza, COBOL, and Teradata export.

Pricing depends on which edition of the software folks are using. Datameer Personal, which is limited to a single user and computer, and can support up to 100GB of data, is available for $299. Datameer Workgroup supports up to 50 users and can work with up to 1TB of data, is priced at $2999 for a limited time. Pricing for Datameer Enterprise depends on setup and needs of the company using it.