Play Minesweeper In Real Life With These Scratch Cards

Get up from the desk and take a step into real life with these Minesweeper scratch cards. They’re just like the classic Windows game except losing actually means something since the cards cost $2 a piece. You can’t click New Game with these cards and, as technabob points out, it’s totally possible to lose on the first play. Even better, the cards double as postcards allowing you to send the gift of nostalgic gaming to a buddy.

Connected Design sells the cards for $2 each and they are available in both easy and hard with 80 or 120 mines, respectively. Thankfully, the cards also ship with stickers, allowing players to place flags and question marks on suspected mines just like in the PC version. If Windows isn’t your thing, the design company also sells Mac novelty product such as iOS sticky notes and a clever iPhone case with an integrated USB drive.