Samsung Joins The Linux Foundation

Samsung, the world’s leading producer of mobile phones, on Tuesday became a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation. Just the seventh company to join at the Platinum level, Samsung will now have a seat on the Linux Foundation Board of Directors. Samsung has long been a participant with the global Linux community, and as the largest manufacturer of Android handsets they’ve been extremely successful at marketing Linux-powered devices to the masses. This announcement secures Samsung’s commitment to Linux and Android.

Almost all of the consumer electronic goods produced by Samsung can be powered by Linux, so it makes sense for them to join the Linux Foundation. They’ll be in a position to steward embedded Linux development, contribute non-competitive advancements back to the global community, and enjoy the worldwide development efforts focused on Linux and Android.

From the press release:

With today’s announcement, Samsung Electronics is reiterating its commitment to Linux and investing its resources in a platform it believes will help sustain its global leadership position. The company will work with The Linux Foundation on streamlining its participation with the kernel community and adopting open source best practices.