Babelverse Is Out To Democratize Translation

Babelverse won the opportunity to appear at TechCrunch Disrupt from the Startup Alley and with little notice ended up giving a slick pitch. Essentially this is a solution for universal speech translation, powered by a global community of human interpreters: it means anyone can be an interpreter. We covered its launch back in January but here’s a quick rundown.

Machine translation, as we know, is not reliable. So what we’re looking here is a marketplace for translation.

People practice to interpret and move up through the system, towards being more professional interpreters. Think of it as a sort of Demand Media platform for interpreting languages.

It’s a mobile and web app that lets users benefit from on-the-spot ‘real time’ interpretation, in any of the world’s spoken language.

Skilled amateurs and professional interpreters go on the platform and earn money for their time. Professional interpreters are much more expensive – but this democratizes the process.

Competitors include Google Translate Conversation Mode – a feature available on Android, but only for a limited number of languages.

Eventually they want to be able to get to the point where they can do very live translation.