Yer A Wizard, Reader: Kickstarter Game Uses A Real “Magic” Wand

If you’ve ever wanted to swing a magic wand around and make things happen (besides encouraging the cool kids to give you a swirly, that is), here’s your chance. A new game on Kickstarter called Incantor promises some real-live olde timey majicke fun for your iPhone.

Built by a Rhode Island company, Movable Code, the game will allow you to cast spells and plan tactics by waving your wand around. The wand is actually a motion control device with haptic feedback and you can “shape” spells in the air to cast them. You can also use the wand to lock onto targets on the screen.

The designers include Nicholas Napp and Kevin Mowrer, formerly head of R&D for Hasbro. Mowrer is also a noted designer and artist while Napp was an “external technology scout” for Sony Ericsson. They have been working on the product for over a year and it’s very close to completion.

A pledge of $100 gets you a wand and a copy of the iPhone game. They’re about $6,000 into a $100,000 funding request.

“The premise is magic made real. It’s a game you play in the real world with a smartphone, a magic wand and your friends. We are aiming to bring the gaming mechanics of an MMOG and the strategy of a trading card game into the real world,” said Napp.

Hopefully we’ll have a hands on with this thing shortly so dry your hair off and stay-tuned.