The WhaleTail Gives Your iPad A Whale Tail

The Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail by Octa, not to be confused with the whale tail made popular by Midwest girls, attempts to make holding a tablet or notebook a bit easier. The $50 device suctions onto a flat surface and then provides a flexible tail, a whale tail if you will, for additional handheld support and table top mounting. The thought is that these devices are so sleek and smooth that users need a bit of help holding them. Fine, okay.

This is actually a growing trend. Several upstart companies are outing similar devices that attach to he back of tabs and smartphones to assist when holding. I can only assume there’s a market for such items. Tablets are hitting more demographics as companies start utilizing them in different use cases that often require users to hold them for extended periods of time. They’re mostly utilitarian devices where the WhaleTail takes it to the other end of the spectrum. It offers a large round bottom to form to a user’s hand and a flexible tail for additional support.

Do you need this in your life? Probably not. Would it make your life better? Perhaps if you hold your iPad precariously and need a little extra grip.