Klout In The Airport: A High Score Gets You Into Cathay Pacific’s SFO Lounge

Last month, Klout launched its iPhone app. Today, it’s announcing its first big mobile partnership, one that should make app pretty appealing to any air travelers in San Francisco.

So Klout is launching a Perk with Hong Kong-headquartered Cathay Pacific Airways. Anyone in the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport with a Klout score of 40 or higher will be allowed into the airline’s lounge, which is normally limited to Cathay’s first class and business class passengers. Just use the app to show your score to the lounge receptionist and you’ll get access to seven workstations, three showers, and a noodle bar.

The promotion, which starts today and runs through July, is another sign that whatever the haters say, companies are interested in exploring Klout as a marketing opportunity. That Cathay Pacific is willing to open its doors to Klout users seems like a real commitment, albeit one that’s limited to SFO, rather than all of its airports.

So if you’re scared of a future where people are flashing their Klout scores to get special access, well, that future is getting closer.