Credictive Wants To Be The IMDB For Creative Content And People

Credictive, which just went into invite-only beta, wants to solve the problem of crediting who did what online. It’s pitched as an “IMDB for creative content” where people who create videos or music or other kinds of content or just appear in that media can also be connected. Think LinkedIn for creatives. Given that the Internet is like one big giant photocopier, this is a big problem. They might also be on-trend: Jason Calacanis recently asked where is the “Kickstarter meets LinkedIn for talent“.

So say you’re watching a video online and want to know who created it without having to go to their page, then click on the username, find their original web site/blog or Twitter handle etc etc. That’s where Credictive comes in. In a similar manner to the way Pinterest will tell you where an image was re-pinned from, that’s what Credictive wants to do. By installing a bookmarklet (a browser extension is coming) Credictive tags up the content you’re looking at with who did it.

But whereas with Pinterest you can only add stuff via the bookrmarklet, with Creditive you can view an additional layer of information when you click on it. The service plans to help discover people with both niche skills and people with a combination of skills

The problem out there is the lack of transparency on who does what online. If you are a company that wants to recruit talent, how do you know someone isn’t simply cutting and pasting the work of others? Sure you might find out they are copiers after you’ve hired them, but you don’t want to get to that stage.

Most crowd funding sites are built assuming the people putting up the projects are genuine. Looks where that’s got us: a startup that pulls in cash and then disappears.

It would be better if people and the works they produce were more discoverable. Books have acknowledgements, movies have closing credits. Where is this on the Internet and how can it be verified? Ever emailed someone asking “Who did your logo? They should do ours”. Yeah, that.

I asked them how they are join got stop people gaming the system so they fool Credictive? Right now it’s a closed community to try and keep quality high but their idea is to build a community-based and community-enforced reputation system employing verification, flagging and blocking users.

The founder team is led by Ela Madej who previously co-founded a boutique web and mobile consultancy Applicake (seed investor in Credictive), and Chicago-based Future Simple, a CRM and sales tracking SaaS platform.