ChoicePass Launches Android App: Think Yelp App For Corporate Perks

ChoicePass is bringing its corporate perk management platform to smartphones starting today, with the launch of its Android app.

CEO Kyle Lui says his goal is to “make HR sexy again.” Specifically that means helping small companies participate in perks programs that they couldn’t afford on their own, while moving larger companies’ perks into the cloud, freeing them from corporate intranet pages that no one knows about or uses. It’s a similar in a lot of ways to what BetterWorks is trying to accomplish, but Lui says that since BetterWorks doesn’t have mobile apps (yet), this is a big differentiator.

With the new app, employees can now open up a map showing nearby perks, divided into categories like “eat”, “shop”, “entertainment”, and “fitness”. So instead of whipping out Yelp’s mobile app every time you want to find someplace to eat or shop nearby, you could start with the ChoicePass app and find locations where you’ll actually get a deal or reward.

Lui says there are plans to release iPhone and iPad apps too, and also to incorporate geofencing, where users get push notifications when someone approaches a location offering discounts or other deals.

ChoicePass’ investors include Yammer CEO David Sacks, Badoo COO Ben Ling, ShopCo CEO Ben Smith, and PowerSet founder Lorenzo Thione. Lui says the company has more than 250 customers.