Viddy Is Raising $30M At A $370M Valuation

Someone wise once said “If Instagram for video were to happen it would look nothing like Instagram” but, because it was on Twitter, I briefly saw that tweet before it got lost in the ether and now I can’t find it, dammit. But whoever said this is right (please reach out if it was you, I want to give you credit) and also didn’t tell Viddy, which for the most part looks exactly like Instagram for video. Fine.

Anyways, people have been reporting all over the place about Viddy’s current insane Series B so I guess I (and you) should care. And quite honestly, I (and you) totally should really care because it’s more money than I’ve ever seen. Seriously, ever seen. Which means co-founders JJ Aguhob and Brett O’Brien might just be onto something, so …

This is what I’ve got, Viddy is raising a dead serious $30 million Series B round at a $370 million valuation. I have no idea whether that is post or pre-money but whatever it is, it is really fucking ambitious, and Viddy is throwing its reported 10 million users on the table. It also means investors are hoping it’ll be a $10 billion company, or an $800 million company at the least. Okay.

NEA, who I hear is shooting for these kinds of BFDs, is in, but I have no idea who else though the round is close to closing apparently. But maybe others will try after this post, right?

Stupid hype cycle. I love/hate you.

Two updates: This and this. Also, after a bunch of people reached out, it’s a Series B not A. My bad.