Snapguide Becomes First iOS App With Pinterest Integration

Snapguide today rolled out an update to its iPhone application that lets users share the slick “how-to” guides built on the app directly to Pinterest.

App updates aren’t always big deals, but this one is: It means that Snapguide is the first iOS app with a Pinterest integration built-in. A Pinterest API has been highly anticipated for months, and this is the first real public glimpse of how iOS apps tied to Pinterest could look once the platform is made accessible on a wider scale (some Android apps have hacked out Pinterest integrations, such as the one made by Kodak, but the iOS market is a different beast.)

From the looks of it, Snapguide was given early access to a private version of the Pinterest API, but the company is being a bit quiet on the details. When reached for more color on how the Pinterest integration was built, Snapguide CEO Daniel Raffel said:

“Pinterest is exploring different ways that they can offer an iOS SDK. The solution we implemented together worked the best for what we were trying to achieve with Snapguide. It may or may not be part of an official API that Pinterest rolls out in the future.”

Meanwhile, Snapguide itself is doing swimmingly. The app, which launched in late March, already has “many hundreds of thousands of users” who each spend an average of 23 minutes on the app, Raffel said. More than 7.6 million Snapguide stories have been shared to Facebook to date. With Snapguides on topics from “How To Solve a Rubiks Cube” to “How To Make Banana Fritters“, it’s kind of cool to see proof that a crazily addictive iPhone app can also be educational — so hey, there may be hope for future generations after all.