ShopLocket Promises Customers They Can Sell Anything, Anywhere

A new startup called ShopLocket says it’s ready to serve people who want to sell things online, but don’t need to create a full-blown storefront.

Supposedly, co-founder and CEO Katherine Hague was part of that group herself. She wanted to sell some T-shirts on her blog and website, but she didn’t need to create a full-blown Shopify store, nor did it make sense to pay the $29 monthly fee. With ShopLocket, she wanted to create something that was simpler and more affordable, while still looking professional.

So with the new service, you just enter a few details and upload some photos, then you’ve got a virtual “display case,” where people can browse the products and make purchases, and it can be embedded anywhere online. The display cases also have buttons for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Customers just pay a one-time, $2 publishing fee and a 2.5 percent transaction fee, so it’s an easy, low-risk option if you’re just selling a few things, say as a hobby, or if you want to experiment before building a full online store.

Although ShopLocket is officially launching today, the site went live earlier this month, and 1,200 people have already signed up.