The GDrive Plot Thickens: Google Docs Users Now Have 5GB Of Space

User Hariprasanth sent us a strange missive: it seems that if you upload something to Google Docs today, your storage space immediately increases from 1GB to 5GB. I didn’t believe him at first – it said 1GB as I was uploading – but immediately after the upload finished it read 5GB. Given everything we know about GDrive so far, including that it should launch with 5GB free storage and that the original Docs accounts were capped at 1GB, things look pretty good for an imminent release.

As you recall, we have a copy of the GDrive app that was floating around and it still won’t work with our current accounts. An ex-Googler tried the app and found he wasn’t able to run it on his machine.

If all of this is correct, services like Dropbox and Sugarsync had better batten the hatches.