Nokia’s New Series 40 Browser 2.0 Features Cloud-Based Compression For 90% Less Mobile Data Usage

Nokia just rolled out a new browser for Series 40, Asha devices. Browser 2.0 as it’s called features numerous improvements and enhancements, but its cloud-based compression is arguably the most important. Nokia claims that it condenses data by up to 90% making pages load three times faster while reducing the data cost to the user. The updated browser also features a download manager, improved search and it also enables multitasking while browsing allowing users to quickly switch to text messages and the like.

The cloud-based compression sounds a lot like Amazon’s Silk browser for the Kindle Fire. By routing web traffic through a Nokia server, the technology is able to compress the data on-the-fly. In many cases can speed up the page load time. Plus, it reduces the amount of data consumed by the phone, allowing owners more freedom from carriers putting the squeeze on data plans.

The feature phone is still Nokia’s bread and butter and still vastly outsells its smartphone devices. This update brings smartphone-like features to its otherwise mundane handsets. Browser 2.0 will ship on all new Series 40 devices including the Asha series. Existing owners can obtain the app as a free, optional over-the-air download.