Why Search? Let LaunchGram Bring New Product Info To You

Last week at the 10x Xelerator, Andy Sparks impelled LaunchGram.com into motion and lazy people all over the world rejoiced (or they will…eventually). This new service, in the words of Sparks, “aggregates pre-release demand signals for products coming soon.”

The way it works is that consumers can create an account at LaunchGram’s website and subscribe to news about imminently launching products of interest 
(the iPhone 5 for example).

Once users subscribe, they can receive “LaunchGrams” via email with curated updates about product release date, pre-order availability, photos and video. (LaunchGram does the dirty work here by scouring the web for the most up to date information about listed products). The same information that shows up in emails can also be viewed on product-specific pages at the main website.

What kind of products? Right now, the team is focusing on video games, movies,
gadgets, and cars. Expansions are being planned for books, music, and more.

While these news alerts are being issued by email today, SMS alerts are coming soon. Additionally mobile web and app versions of the service are on their way too.

Strategically, Andy indicated that their goal is not to replace news sources, but rather to accentuate them as filters for smart search.

Heck, we should use this here at TechCrunch!