New Makeover Makes Mobile Design Community MyColorscreen Even Better

Much as I love all the phones in my arsenal, there always comes a time when I grow weary of the stock experience. Rather than leave up it to some company to gussy up my phone for me, I’ve instead turned to the internet for ways to spruce up my daily travelling companions.

That’s where sites like MyColorscreen comes in. First launched in 2011, MyColorscreen was envisioned as a social network where phone geeks and design aficionados can get together to ooh and ahh over some handsome homescreens. Now, after over a year since launch and with over 11,000 designs shared, MyColorscreen has revamped itself to make that process of sharing that aesthetic know-how even better.

MyColorscreen 2.0, which went live late last week, puts a greater emphasis on sharing exactly what components are needed to achieve those same effects. Each design’s page has been revamped to put the skinned device dead center in your browser window, and hovering over specific tags in the image tells you exactly what app was used to attain the effect. My favorite bit? Clicking the tag takes you right to the app’s entry in the Google Play Store.

It’s a much more refined solution than what MyColorscreen used in the past, and it thankfully removes the need to sift through comment after comment looking for an answer to a design-related question.

The concept of sharing extend beyond just your network of friends on the site, as MyColorscreen now features the ability to invite friends from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users with Android devices are usually the ones to get the most out of MyColorscreen — we’ve all heard the line that one of Android’s greatest assets is its openness to customization — but iOS users are just as welcome.

What really gets me about MyColorscreen is that a vast majority of designs are totally stunning, with styles ranging from the sleek and minimalist to the highly textual to the truly off-the-wall. I actually had stop writing this post twice because I had stumbled across a look I wanted to try immediately. Beware, avid tweaker — you may end up spending way more time there than you have.