Scribit Digs Up Content For Your Content Marketing

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to find the time or inspiration to udpate the company blog, a new service called Scribit offers a solution.

Scribit was developed by a startup called Vertical Acuity, whose initial product helped publishers syndicate their articles to other sites and find fresh content for themselves. President Joe Fiveash used to work at, and he says that this kind of content-sharing normally requires a lot of time-consuming deal-making. With Scribit, publishers can pre-approve their content for syndication at a set payment rate, so it’s a simple process to republish something.

More recently, Fiveash says, “We felt this technology could benefit from a larger audience.” Scribit offers capabilities similar to the existing Vertical Acuity service, targeted this time at businesses who need a little help with content marketing. There’s more and more buzz about creating content that promotes your company or helps establish you as an important voice in the industry, but writing those articles or blog posts yourself can be time-consuming, and hiring someone else can to do it can be expensive, especially for a small business or startup.

Instead, you can pay Scribit a rate starting at $50 per month (the price goes up as you add more features and draw more traffic), then search for relevant content from partners like Business Insider, Discovery, and If you find an article that seems like a good fit for your website, you can republish it with just a few clicks, and also push a link to your social network accounts. The article still has the branding of the original publisher, but you can now customers and other visitors to can read it without leaving your site. (As a bonus, it’s real editorial content, not just an ad or “advertorial” for your company — and that’s the more effective way to do content marketing.)

You probably don’t want to let outside content take over your site completely, Fiveash says, but this could be a nice way to supplement the articles or blog posts that you’re writing yourself. And with the analytics data that Scribit provides, you can experience to find the mix that works best for you.

Scribit is launching this week at the DEMO conference, co-produced by VentureBeat.