This $650 iPhone Case Can Withstand A .50 Caliber Shot In The Back

The iPhone is a notoriously fragile device. That’s where cases come in. However, this case, by a Japanese firm called Marudai, might be the toughest (and most impractical) case ever made. The massive backside is made of a combination of steel and aluminum, which is apparently tough enough to save an iPhone from a .50 caliber bullet. That is, of course, if the round hits the backside ’cause the front is as exposed as a naked iPhone on the subway.

Marudai is currently taking orders for the massive housing. They’ll even ship an empty bullet for more lulz with the buddies. But the case is a bit impractical even if there is a hole for the iPhone’s camera. Look to G-Form for much more pocket-friendly and affordable iPhone protective casing. They might not be able to take a bullet for the owner but the casing can at least survive a fall from the edge of space.