TechCrunch Meet-Ups: Now With More Pitocin

While I know that a TechCrunch meet-up can invigorate start-up founders and encourage investors to write checks, did you know they can also induce labor? One attendee, Richard Moormann, above, visited with us in Norfolk last week and subsequently went home to find his wife in labor. I can only attribute this happenstance to the fact that I am, in time, beginning to look more and more like an ancient, Bacchanalian fertility god.

Rich writes:

Hey, I know I must have mentioned this last Tuesday, that my wife was going to have a baby…well after I got home from the TechCrunch meetup, we went to the hospital. No kidding!

This hefty 9.5 lb 20.5″ package is hungry and eats real well.

Congratulations, Richard, and best of luck with the little one.