Director James Cameron On The Secrets of Making 3D Profitable [Live Video 10:40am PT]

Update: The live event has ended. We will put an archived video below if it becomes available.

James Cameron, director of the just-released 3D version of Titanic, as well as Aliens, Terminator, Avatar and so many other major blockbusters, is spilling some secrets today. He’s speaking at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas about how to make money making 3D movies. The event starts live at 10:30am PT.

The original “Titanic” and the 3D re-release has just passed $2 billion in lifetime ticket sales. The only other movie to top $2 billion is Cameron’s “Avatar.”

His company, Cameron | Pace Group (CPG), with his partner Vince Pace, has been a leader in 3D technology. They have been involved in more than 200 sports productions and dozens of feature films.

Making money doing 3D hasn’t been easy. But, Cameron has figured out a way to make it work. In the past, he has told Hollywood to stop making trash 3D movies.

The NAB program describes the session saying:

CPG will reveal the strategy and the details behind 5D productions, including the ESPN Winter X Games where 35 rigs were used to accomplish the largest 5D production in history. See how only the 5D methodology enables broadcasters to increase revenue by integrating 3D into their existing 2D business model.

TechCrunch is getting our own exclusive interview with Cameron later today. If you have some good questions for him, put them in the comments and we’ll try to ask as many as possible.