Nicholas Sparks On Using Tech To Write Books, Make Movies, And Keep A Creative Edge

Nicholas Sparks, the bestselling novelist and screenwriter known for hits such as The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, is currently on a nationwide tour to promote The Lucky One, the latest movie to be adapted from one of his books. Right now he is making the rounds in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and we were really pleased when he agreed to swing by TechCrunch TV for an interview this morning.

We were not the only geek-friendly stop on his visit to the area. Last night he held a screening of The Lucky One at Twitter’s downtown San Francisco offices, at 1pm PT today he’s hosting a Google+ hangout to answer fans’ questions in real time, and later this afternoon he’s heading down to Facebook’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, California. In general, Sparks said, he’s using his trip here to really dig into the latest in social media and tech and see how he can bring what he learns back to his own work.

Check out the video above to watch Sparks talk about how the Internet has changed the process of researching — and promoting — books and movies, the math formula he uses to stay productive, how the creative process of writing a book is similar to what a startup does, why a little bit of online procrastination can be good for you, how he combats writer’s block, and lots more.