Braintree Wants To Make It Easier For Developers To Integrate Online Payments

Braintree, an online payments gateway provider, is hoping to make it easier for developers to start integrating payments immediately. For background, Braintree powers and automates online and mobile payments for merchants and companies online. The company provides a merchant account, payment gateway, recurring billing, credit card storage, support for mobile and international payments, and PCI Compliance solutions.

Previously, developers couldn’t access Braintree’s full suite of tools until they were approved by the company. Now, Braintree has opened slightly to allow developers to create test transactions and explore the provider’s features and client libraries prior to being approved as a payments operator.

The company says that this is important because trial integrations and speed to market are crucial to online merchants. If the integration is set up, startups and companies can start accepting payments as soon as they are approved to do so, a process that usually takes several days.

Developers can begin integrating to Braintree through the “Get Started” button on the Braintree homepage. As part of the same initiative, Braintree has moved its merchant account application process online, speeding up the approval process.

Braintree’s client list includes, LivingSocial, 37signals, OpenTable, GitHub, Airbnb, Heroku, Engine Yard, Animoto, Shopify and HotelTonight. The company, which raised $34 million in funding last year from Accel, says it is processing more than $4 billion in annual credit card volume and is adding more than 100 new merchants a month.